Fuel TV at Vintage Bicycle Restoration

Passion is attractive.  As my friend Mike Curtiss reminded me, when you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life.   I am a lousy employee.  I have a hard time with authority.  It is not that I don’t mind working, in fact, I love working.  Being productive, responsibility, proving for one’s family, it is just part of being a man, a father, someone who chooses to pedal instead of coast.

Thanks to the team at Fuel TV for believing in my dream.

Fuel TV was at Vintage Bicycle Restoration today.

I started Classic Revival, Inc. the home of Vintage Bicycle Restoration, three years ago.  Some ideas are larger then ourselves.  Taking the leap to actualize my dream, opening a small business in today’s uncertain times.  Opening a business in California.  Some ideas are larger then ourselves.

My son and I own a vintage bicycle shop.  We sell and repair classic, American bicycles.  Today reaffirmed how right I was to start my small, family business.  Today reminded me yet again, I am doing the right thing.

About six months ago, I gentleman came into my shop who immediately recognized this is not your typical bicycle shop.  Perhaps I sound like I believe my own bullshit.  However, I know that this ain’t bullshit.  There truly is something worthwhile about keeping vintage bicycles on the rode.  Old bikes matter.  Maintaining the quality and workmanship of the past, reminds us there was a time when craftsmanship and pride of workmanship mattered.  Planned obsolescence didn’t exist.  If you built something, you built it to last because that just was how you did things.  Integrity matters still.

Mike is the founder of Fuel TV.  He recognizes passion.  He is passionate.  He knows that sharing stories of people who believe in what they do, that they have to do what it is they believe, that passion attractions passion.  America used to build the best everything.  The ingenuity, the pride of workmanship, the belief that anyone can be what they want to be, do what they want to do, believing in the American Dream is happening everyday.  We all have the responsibility to make sure there is a tomorrow for our children today.

Don’t add to the Pile, Ride Vintage Bicycles.


Thank you to the team at Fuel TV for being interested in Vintage Bicycle Restoration.  Thank you for being interested in sharing my story.



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