Old Bicycle Repair ShopDo you have an old bicycle lying in the garage that needs some tender loving care? We are the best old bike repair shop in Orange County California for bicycle repair and maintenance service on old and vintage bicycles. We specialize in replacing old parts with original or replacement parts to get your favorite bike up and running again. Unlike typical bike repair shops, we pride ourselves on providing complete restoration service for old bicycles using original or replacement parts while striving to retain the original character, age and charm of your old bicycle.

We Provide Original And Replacement Parts For Old Bicycles

It can often be hard to find replacement parts for old bicycle parts that have worn out over time. We are expert bicycle parts finders for old and vintage bicycles that need restoration or preservation service. If you are looking for old bicycle parts give us a call. We have many resources for old bike parts.

Free Bike Repair Shop Estimates

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to estimate how much it will cost in order to repair your bicycle without seeing it in person. But don’t worry. Bring your old bicycle into our store and we will provide an estimate of all service and repairs need on your bike for free.

We Provide The Best Old Bike Repair Service And Bike Adjustments

  • Bicycle brake repair
  • Derailleurs and derailleur pulleys and pivot points
  • Headset
  • Bottom bracket and hubs
  • Tighten cassette lockring and freewheel
  • Crank bolts
  • Stem bolts
  • Chainring bolts
  • Bicycle brake levers
  • Bike shifters
  • Bicycle cable lubrication
  • Hubs
  • Bicycle tires and tubes

We Also Provide Standard Bicycle Tune-up Service

Safety Check

Adjust the brakes, gears and tighten the headset, oil the chain

Regular Tuneup

Adjust the brakes, gears, true the wheels, tighten the headset and the bottom bracket, and oil the chain.

Revival Restoration

Our signature service.  Full restorations of vintage bicycles to “As-new”, showroom-like condition.

The Complete & Proper Service

A full mechanical overhaul of the bicycle.  Every part and component of the bicycle is appropriately cleaned, serviced and correctly repaired ensuring the bicycle will perform as originally intended.

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