Do you have an old bicycle lying in the garage that needs some tender loving care? We provide expert old bicycle repair and maintenance service for classic and vintage bicycles, replacing old parts and getting them up and running in perfect condition. Unlike typical bicycle repair shops, we pride ourselves on providing complete restoration service for old bicycles using original or replacement parts while striving to retain the original character, age and charm of your old bicycle.

People often ask us about our process for restoring an old bicycle. My first question is does the vintage bicycle really need a complete restoration? My personal philosophy is to avoid a full restoration wherever possible. my philosophy is that rare bicycles are important historical objects which should be treated with respect, honoring the age, quality and craftmanship of the old bike. Their handling should be like what a museum painting might receive. In our approach to vintage bicycle restoration the state of the bicycle and it’s unique history and originality is retained as much as possible while restoring the bicycle to complete working condition.

Paying Homage To The Quality And Craftsmanship Of The Past

As much as possible we try to keep a vintage bike in original condition as much as possible. Our bike restoration philosophy is that a vintage bicycle is a piece of history and should be preserved in its found state. We will clean up the components and frame as much as possible – but often try to avoid repainting or replacing anything on the bike unless they are parts necessary for restoring the bicycle back to running condition.

We will typically clean up and refurbish the vintage bicycle in a way that keeps its appearance period-appropriate while using original or replacement components and accessories to restore the bike to perfect running condition.We believe that our period-appropriate approach is ideal for those who want their vintage bicycle to suit their tastes and riding style while still paying homage to the era from which it came

The photo gallery shows an example of our period-appropriate bicycle restoration approach where the vintage bicycles original paint and frame are cleaned but left intact while the tires and mechanical components have all been restored to perfect running condition.


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