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I just love Schwinn Lightweights, like the New World pictured.  Here is a bit more about it.  It is a lightly customized pre-war Schwinn New World.  It sports a Raleigh stem and inverted Raleigh handlebars.  It is fitted with war-time hubs and black-out skip-tooth chainring.  It is a terrific riding bicycle.

In my opinion, Schwinn Lightweights are some the best riding bicycles Schwinn made.  New Worlds, Travelers, Racers, Breezes, and some Speedsters, were built to ride.  Whether as single-speeds or three-speeds, these bikes just ride really well.

Schwinn Lightweights first appeared in 1939 and remained in production in various forms till the end.  They are great bicycles and are testament to their quality by the simple fact so many remain.

Some models are more collectible and rare but depending on condition, model, year, and location, many of these bikes can still be purchased for very little money.  We always have a number of Schwinn Lightweights in stock to fit any budget.  If you are considering buying a very usable and very stylish vintage bicycle, consider a Schwinn Lightweight.

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