Vintage Bike Shop Remains Open For Business

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Some of you may have noticed trouble with our website: , as well as issues with our phone service.  Typical, damn near comical in fact, just as the road looks to be open; maybe offering a brief respite, a chance to coast even,  a chance to savor the view, with the wind in our hair  <BAM> employees, landlords, internet service providers, trolls… Sharing the road can be challenging.

Ah, the joyous, comical,  perilous adventures of small business ownership in America.  Even a quiet, happy, little, vintage bicycle shop needs a kick in the ass sometimes, reminding us that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

As Papa Willy so often reminds, “Some people want to coast through life, We prefer to pedal.”

We are still pedaling.  Classic Revival, Inc. is still in business.

For the time being, email is the best means of contact until this confusing ported challenge is sorted out.

Thank you for bearing with us.  Thank you very much for your continued patronage.  I am very fortunate to own and operate a small business, working and being able to provide for my son and I doing what I love.

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